Welcome to Quicktask Australia.

Established in 2008, Now Enterprises Pty Ltd has been providing top quality services to Australian companies large & small. Quicktask Australia is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Now Enterprises Pty Ltd. Having spent many years dealing with outsourced services. We found significant difficulty in getting jobs done to an acceptable standard. In addition to this we found that many outsourcing companies were actually more interested in getting money, rather than the task at hand.  We were left feeling less than impressed & totally underwhelmed by some of our experiences. From those experiences we knew that we could do something better for Australian businesses. In 2016 Quicktask Australia was born.

Hassle Free Outsourcing.

Hassle free task based outsourcing is what we do. Our aim is to make outsourcing tasks to Quicktask easier than any other option, with better outcomes for our clients. Here’s some of the ways that we believe we are making outsourcing better for Australian companies;

Pay Per Task. – One of the ways that we found we were initially getting ‘scammed’ by outsourcing providers is getting charged by the hour. What we found is that many other outsourcing companies would attempt to take the most possible time that they could to complete a task. They would work on other things while on our ‘time’.  Even with some of the time management software available, we found that unscrupulous operators would go to significant lengths to manipulate this software to make you believe that they were actually working on our task.

No Lock In Contracts. – We find that many outsourcing providers want you to sign up for a contract of months or years, for them to complete your work. Commonly these ‘retainers’ charged to unsuspecting Australian companies are more about the outsourcers wallet & less about the tasks that are required to be completed.

Charged in Australian dollars, by an Australian Company. – Commonly outsourcing companies charge for their services in USD. There is nothing wrong with this on face value, although the problems that can be encountered are;

  • Greedy banks charging ridiculous exchange rates. (Australian banks are some of the worlds most profitable).
  • Exchange rates fluctuate, which means you can end up paying more than you thought.
  • You can’t claim back GST from overseas companies.

Pay via PayPal. – What we found is that a lot of companies want to be paid via Western Union & other money transfer companies. This is generally because the provider probably isn’t paying tax & you have no recourse if they don’t do the task satisfactorily or even at all in extreme cases. By using Paypal you can always dispute any payment made to us if you feel what we completed was not up to standard. Although we are very confident you will love our work. By using Paypal you can also pay by credit card, meaning that you can receive reward points & interest free periods for all the work completed by us.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our service to Australian businesses.