Task based business process outsourcing services.

Quicktask Australia provides task based outsourcing services to Australian companies. We work across all major business disciplines, such as Accounting, Administration, Architecture, Engineering, Graphic Design, Legal, Logistics, Marketing, Sales, Translations & Web design just to name a few.

Task based outsourcing differs to standard outsourcing offers, we work on one off & ad hoc requirements.

For example,

  • You’re company may need a flyer designed for a sale that your company is doing. What you don’t need is a graphic designer to work for you full time or part time.
  • You are an online store & you need some new products loaded onto your website. What you don’t need is a web designer to work for you full time or part time.

Our aim is to provide hassle free business process outsourcing services to any Australian business.


Pay Per Task.

At Quicktask Australia we offer a fixed price to complete your task. You can rest assured that your task will be completed quickly & professionally all at a known price before we start. We are not interested in trying to stretch out your deadlines, by charging per hour, per week or per month.

Quick Turnaround.

Our team at Quicktask are ready to work on your task immediately. Regardless of the size or complexity of your task, we are confident that we can amaze you with the speed that we can turn around your task. If you have a complex task that would take 1 person a significant amount of time to complete, we simply assign multiple resources to your need. This ensures you will receive the best possible outcome, in the least amount of time.

No Lock In Contracts.

We believe that all business process outsourcing services should be hassle free. We don’t believe that locking companies into arduous contractual obligations is the right way to go. We let our results determine how long our business relationships last with our customers.

Australian Company.

We are a GST registered Australian company, unlike most BPO providers. By being an Australian company, we offer all of our invoices in Australian dollars & you are also able to claim back any applicable GST. Most other Business Process Outsourcing Services offer their services in USD, which means you have the additional hassle of needing to trade currency to pay your invoices.

Pay Via Pay Pal.

At Quicktask Australia, we offer Paypal as our payment portal. We believe that Paypal offers our clients an easy way to pay their invoices via Visa, MasterCard or their Paypal balance. In addition to this Paypal also provides an unparalleled dispute resolution service, should you ever not be happy with any of the work that we have completed for you.

Task Based Business Process Outsourcing Services.

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